The game play is very similar to Ghosts ‘n Goblins, but there are new power-ups such as a Golden Armor that allows Arthur to take full advantage of his weapons. Additionally, unlike in Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Arthur can fire his weapons up and, while jumping, fire them down as well.

As you assume the role of the knight, Sir Arthur, you travel through six various levels with one boss at the end of each one. There are seven different weapons you can use to destroy your enemies. Note that each level has a strategy to it, so try to figure them out so you pass levels easily. Once you pass the first five levels, you start at the beginning of the game again. If you complete the game twice you will uncover the story’s ending. To play the last level, you need a certain weapon – Psycho Cannon – to defeat Lucifer, the final boss. If you pass Level Five without it, or in your first time beating it, you will start over.


Plus Optional Shipping (see below)


All New GUSCADE Cabinets Include:

• New Cabinet
• New Buttons
• New Artwork
• New Marquee
• New Hardware
• New T-Molding

• New Speaker(s)
• New Control Panel
• New Surge Protector
• New Lock(s) & Key(s)
• New LED Light Fixture
• New Arcade LCD Monitor

• New Bezel (Plexi or Glass)
• New Switching Power Supply
• New Adjustable Leg Levelers (*exception of pedestal cabinets)
• New JAMMA (Wiring) Harness
• New Joystick(s), or Spinner(s) or Trackball(s)
• New Coin Door(s) / New Coin Mechs

• New LCD Monitors include a full one year manufacturer’s warranty.
• New games include a 90-Day limited warranty on all electronic components.

Delivery Options

FREE local Long Island NY Pick Up or optional white glove delivery to majority of the Northeast available for an additional fee. We can also ship games with our recommended carrier anywhere throughout the country! (Please contact us for details)

Most machines fit inside large SUVs, pickup trucks, or mini vans. Dimensions of most classic arcade machines are 70″ Height x 33″ Depth x 25″ width. Upon pickup or optional delivery service, ALL machines are shrink/stretch wrapped as well as all corners will get cardboard for added protection while in transit. Most machines weight is approximately 200lbs.


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