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Welcome to GUSCADE, home of the highest quality classic arcade machines! We stock many popular all NEW arcade classics. We offer various titles that are BRAND NEW enhanced classic arcade games, just like you remember them! Everything on the machine is completely new and reliable. Most games can be wired for FREE PLAY or they can all be set up to accept quarters. We are always adding new FULL SIZE classic arcade games to our inventory, so please click the button below to view our catalog:

Latest Games

Guide Spider-Man, Black-Cat, Hawkeye and/or Sub-Mariner as they punch and kick their way through four chapters worth of Dr. Doom’s villains. The game zooms between alternate large and small scale four-way scrolling sections.

Repair each window with Felix & his magical hammer. Attempt avoiding bricks that fall off when Ralph punches, and ducks that fly horizontally across the screen at random. As the game progresses, the enemies become more numerous and faster, and there are more windows to repair. What’s more, Ralph will smash and break windows that the player has already repaired, forcing Felix to go back and fix them. Higher levels introduce rather increasing numbers of randomly-placed obstacles such as purple flowerbeds which prevent Felix from jumping up or down between two windows.

Mama Kangaroo must save Kid Kangaroo from an entire gang of nasty monkeys. She must climb up ladders, jump onto platforms, leap across gaps and so on to rescue him. Every-time Kid Kangaroo is rescued, he says “MOM” while “Oh! Susanna” plays. After all four levels are completed, the game starts over again and with increased difficulty.

Stanley must shoot insect repellent at Kong to drive him to the top of the screen while avoiding/shooting insects. He must protecting five plants at the bottom of the screen from being carried off by the various insects.

You are an eye traveling through a maze shooting dots to advance to next level while computer eyes try to shoot you. Shoot computer eyes before they get you.

Join Nick & Tom in Snow Bros. Shoot snow at monsters to turn them into snowballs. Press the fire button next to a snowball to kick it around the screen. Any monsters hit by a snowball are killed. If another snowball is hit, it too bounces around the screen. Collect potions for power ups.

You have the ability to hold and select between five different weapons at a time. Each weapon can be powered-up a couple of times by collecting a similar option. When you lose a life, you don’t lose all of your weapons, just the one you are using when hit. There is a unique power-up that joins both players together as one or brings in the second player on a single player game. When joined, BOTH controllers allow you to move the single, joined character!

You control the action of Hiryu, a futuristic Ninja from the year 2048 A.D., as he battles his way from the rooftops of Moscow through the jungles of the Amazon to the skies over the planet Earth.

Tour the globe as one or two players cooperatively destroy bouncing balls with a variety of weapons. The players may only fire up, but may move right and left, or up and down ladders. The large balls that have been shot split in two, creating smaller balls.

Legendary Wings is a vertical / horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up where you fly a winged soldier over a Greek mythos style landscape. Shoot and bomb the attacking enemies. The game play switches between horizontal platform and flying levels. Shoot waves of attacking enemies. Collect power-ups for more powerful weapons. Bomb ground targets with cross-hairs in front of you.

A fun vertical shoot-em-up. Players fly helicopters firing at air and ground targets. Collect power-ups green, blue, yellow, or red for better fire power. Fight a ‘boss’ enemy at the end of each stage.

Destroy those bugs on this fun vertical shooter. You can grab items from enemies or players that have tails like you, but they of course can steal your items too. Items include speed, extend, three way shot, homing missiles, horizontal line of fire, a brush that originates from your ship and moves right and left, and a rotating weapon.

You’re gonna need a bigger basement!

Jaws Limited Edition:

  • Limited to 75 units globally
  • Shark fin speaker grill
  • Exclusive custom themed cabinet artwork
  • Sequentially numbered plate
  • Custom autographed inside of cabinet

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