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The explorer is required to swing from vine to vine. This is accomplished by pressing the action key when two vines swing closely enough together. Timing is critical, and missing the vine causes the explorer to fall to the jungle floor, losing a life. The following scene the explorer navigates a crocodile-infested river. Watch out!! The explorer is now dodging various-sized boulders rolling and bouncing towards him as he runs up the side of a volcano. In the final scene, the explorer must evade cannibals while attempting to get to a woman being lowered into a flaming cauldron.

You choose from one of three heroes, each with his own pros and cons. For example: Haggar is the strongest of the three, but he is also the slowest. You must battle several enemies until you reach the stage boss where you must defeat him to get to the next level. There are three kinds of weapons: the knife better for Cody, the Katana better for Guy and a Pipe better for Haggar. Along the way you can pick up food to restore your health. Each of the three characters, Haggar, Guy and Cody have a special “death blow” move that will do great damage and knock your opponents to the ground. Do this by pushing both action buttons at the same time. This move does some damage to yourself too, but more to them.

Dig Dug is a maze video game. The player’s objective is to eliminate the enemies on each screen; these being Pookas, red tomato-like creatures with comically large goggles, and Fygars, green dragons that can breathe fire. Dig Dug can defeat these enemies by using a bike pump to inflate them with air until they explode, or by crushing them under large falling rocks.

One or two players venture up a monster-ridden tower to defeat Drokkmar, master of the Blackorb. Each hero has health that is decreated by various monsters, attacks, traps, and the passage of time. Health is increased by finding food. Every certain amount of points, a “Food Fairy” appears and drops off food as well. The amount of keys one has grant health bonuses after each boss. As the players ascend the tower, they will be granted new magical weapons after each boss they defeat. The player’s weapons are affected by a “magic bar” that charges over time. When fully charged, the weapon has a powerful ranged attack, but when not charged only a close attack is produced. A magical staff will grant increased range attack ability. A magical blast may be generated by pressing the Attack and Jump buttons at once, but costs health. There are multiple paths in the game, and two separate endings. Hidden doors can be used to skip levels when found – usually by attacking a wall or a particular spot.

Scrolling Western style beat-em-up. Magnificent 7 minus 3 walk and ride around frontier town killing bad guys. Pick up badges, drink booze and rescue dance hall girls for gun power-ups.

“Dragon’s Lair: The fantasy adventure where you become a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. You control the actions of a daring adventurer, finding his way through the castle of a dark wizard, who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles. In the mysterious caverns below the castle, your odyssey continues against the awesome forces that oppose your efforts to reach the Dragon’s Lair. Lead on, adventurer. Your quest awaits!”.

1943: The Battle of Midway is set in the Pacific theater of World War II, off the coast of the Midway Atoll. The goal is to attack the Japanese air fleet that bombed the American aircraft carrier, pursue all Japanese air and sea forces, fly through the 16 stages of play, and make their way to the Japanese battleship Yamato and destroy her. 11 of these stages consist of an air-to-sea battle (with a huge battleship or an aircraft carrier as the stage boss), while 5 stages consist of an all-aerial battle against a squadron of Japanese bombers with a mother bomber at the end.

The game’s basic concept is the same as Donkey Kong except the good guys and bad guys have changed places. The player controls Donkey Kong Junior, a small ape who must rescue his father, Donkey Kong, from his nemesis Mario. The games has four different levels: The Vines, The Chains, The Jumpboard and The Hideout.

The object is to complete the varying legs of the patrol course as quickly as you can while avoiding rocks, craters, mines, and attacks from enemy craft. Your buggy has two guns: a short-range cannon that fires ahead of you and an anti-aircraft gun that fires upwards. You can use the cannon to blast away rocks that block your progress. Most rocks will crumble in one hit, but large ones will need two hits. There are also tiny rocks that can only be destroyed with precision shooting otherwise, you will have to jump it.

In the game Punch-Out!! the player must time his punches, dodges and blocks in order to defeat the opposing boxer. Hints are given as to the opponent’s next move by subtle eye changes (the whites of the eyes flash yellow), but the player must ultimately predict what moves the opponent will make and react appropriately.

You play as Indiana Jones using your trusty whip. The music which plays in the background will sound extremely familiar, which was music from the film. Whip everything that moves, even things that do not move. Whip Thuggee guards, ride in a mine cart, escape on the rope bridge and face Mola Ram be sure to grab the Sankara stones!

Contra consists of eight stages six side-scrolling stages and two behind-the-back stages. Along the way players can collect additional weapons such as a machine gun, a shotgun, a laser gun, a flamethrower, etc. You play as either Soldiers Private First Class Bill Rizer or Private First Class Lance Bean.

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