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Welcome to GUSCADE, home of the highest quality classic arcade machines! We stock many popular all NEW arcade classics. We offer various titles that are BRAND NEW enhanced classic arcade games, just like you remember them! Everything on the machine is completely new and reliable. Most games can be wired for FREE PLAY or they can all be set up to accept quarters. We are always adding new FULL SIZE classic arcade games to our inventory, so please click the button below to view our catalog:

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this

The Legend of ZELDA Limited Edition:

  • Limited to 86 units globally
  • Triforce speaker grill
  • Exclusive custom themed cabinet artwork
  • Sequentially numbered plate
  • Link Topper
  • Hyrule Ivy
  • Custom autographed inside of cabinet

The first true Gradius game to introduce the concept of the ‘weapon bar’. During the game, many enemy craft leave behind icons or ‘pick ups’ when destroyed. Collecting one of these will shift the selection cursor along the weapon bar at the bottom of the screen. The player can then select the weapon highlighted if they want it. The cursor then resets. In general, the more useful ‘power ups’ are towards the right hand side of the bar, so the player may decide to stock up on pickups until the better item is available. This innovation allowed for deeper tactics on the part of the player and for greater freedom of weapon choice rather than relying on the pre-determined power ups common in other games in the genre.

NBA JAM Tournament Edition introduced features such as a “Tournament” mode that turned off computer assistance and on-court hot spots that allowed for additional points or special slam dunks. New updated rosters, additional players (most teams allow you to choose from up to three players), updated attributes (clutch and fatigue levels), & player substitutions. Many additional hidden characters which are obtained with special codes.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 brings back favorite characters Scorpion, Reptile, Kitana & Jade. A total of 22 playable characters. A few new backgrounds, as well as endurance rounds. UMK3 will have you performing all of those favorite Fatality, Babality, Animality, Friendship, or Brutality finishing moves all over again.

Hyper Sports the Player must successfully qualify in Olympic events to move on to the next event. Hyper Sports is the sequel to Track & Field. The new events include; Swimming, Skeet Shooting, Long Horse, Triple Jump, Weightlifting, & Pole Vault.

Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh now has all new levels of bricks for you to blast through! In 30 rounds of the total 34, the player can choose either right or left to proceed on to the next round. The player must continue to deflect a ball upwards to eliminate a number of blocks on the screen. Some tiles release special power-ups that upgrade the player’s paddle or slow down the ball. After all the blocks have been destroyed, a player may choose one of two screens at the completion of a level.

KLAX consists of a player catching colored blocks rolling down a conveyor belt and stack them by color in vertical columns or, in higher levels, horizontal and diagonal rows. As the higher levels continue they introduce more colors of blocks. A call out voice announces each wave and offers praise for bonus points.

In Rastan you play as a barbarian across various terrains while encountering an loads of mythological creatures and weapons. Snag up bonus items to increase your characters health or protection against attack, but beware of the cursed items. Unlimited continues are available throughout the game. However, If you die on the final stage; the game ends and you cannot continue. You must complete the entire final level on one quarter.

The object of the game is for Popeye the Sailor to collect a certain number of items dropped by Olive Oyl, depending on the level — 24 hearts, 16 musical notes, or 24 letters in the word HELP — while avoiding the Sea Hag, Brutus and other dangers. The player can make Popeye walk back and forth and up and down stairs and ladders with a 4-way joystick. There is a punch button, but unlike similar games of the period, no jump button. Conversely, Brutus can jump down a level, or merely stoop and reach down into the level below, and he can also jump up to hit Popeye if he is directly above.

Get ready to serve some Budweiser! You are the bartender & must serve everyone a beer before they work their way up to the kegs. You must also grab empty mugs before they slide off the end of the bar. Extra points for collecting tips. Bonus rounds involve locating the one beer that has not been shaken, and serving it.

Off The Wall game play; control your tennis player with a joystick moving left to right, and spin the racket with the spinner. You can bounce the ball off the wall. Point will be scored if the ball is hit into net, the ball is hit into player, the ball is hit four times without crossing net, the ball is hit into floor before crossing net, & if the ball bounces twice on floor before crossing net.

In this game, each time you face a different opponent, push the joystick left to arm-wrestle your opponent. Whenever your opponent starts to act, push the joystick right to counterattack and press the button to increase your power. If you do not counterattack, move the joystick back and forth several times to prevent yourself from being pinned. You must try to pin your opponent before the counter reaches one minute or you will lose. Arm Wrestle the following characters; Texas Mac, Kabuki, Mask X, Alice and Ape-III, & Frank Junior. After defeating all the opponents, the game begins again with increased difficulty.

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